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Packing and Unpacking Services in Charlotte, NC

Comprehensive Packing and Unpacking Services in Greensboro, NC


Let us take the hassle out of your moving preparations with our exceptional packing and unpacking services in Greensboro, NC. At Austin's Moving, we take care of everything needed to pack up all your personal belongings before transporting them to your new home to unpack them. We handle everything from small objects like dishes and picture frames to larger household goods like your TVs and furniture. Contact us today to learn more about our packing and unpacking solutions or to schedule your move with our team.

Unpacking Services in Charlotte, NC

Packing Options

We offer three options for packing your personal belongings:

  • Full-Service Packing - We pack up everything for you.
  • Fragile-Only Packing - We pack up your most delicate items to ensure they are not damaged during transport.
  • Self-Packing - We provide you with all of the supplies you need to pack up your items, including barrels, moving boxes, and stretch wrap.

By offering various packing options along with our furniture mover services, our team is able to ensure that all of your household goods are handled correctly. When packing up your goods, our team will label and secure your boxes, ensuring that nothing is lost or damaged in transit.


The cost of our packing and unpacking services is determined by the size and complexity of your move. Thankfully, because we are an independent, locally-owned company, we generally offer lower rates than the larger moving companies.